Tourist Attractions of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra

Bukittinggi along with the Mentawai the most interesting point in West Sumatra. Bukittinggi attracts tourists with its history, culture, food, mild climate and a lot of spots surrounding for visiting to be explored.

Bukittinggi is situated on the edge of the Sianok canyon and surrounded by two mountains, namely Mount Singgalang and Mount Marapi. Because it is located at an altitude of 909 to 941 meters above sea level, wherever you drive, the Bukittinggi region has a beautiful green landscape.

Bukittinggi is a tourist city that has many exciting tourism objects to explore.

Clock Tower (Jam Gadang)

The Clock Tower was built in 1926, there is The Big Ben twin which was first known as the icon of Bukittinggi. Although the height is different, but the machines owned by the two clocks are the same, a clock made by Vortmann Relinghausen from Germany. Reportedly, until now Relinghausen only produces two engines, which until now are still actively turning on The Big Ben and the Clock Tower.

It is also worth paying attention to the number 4 on the watch dial. It was written “IIII”, not “IV” as it should be a Roman number. There are several versions, but all of them are not confirmed.

Sianok Canyon (Ngarai Sianok)

Sianok Canyon stretches from the Koto Gadang canyon to the Sianok Anam Tribe and ends in the Palupuh District. The view is amazing, because there are ravines, valleys, and the Batang Sianok river.

Panorama Park (Taman Panorama)

Panorama Park is a small cozy park located on the edge of the canyon and from which an amazing panoramic view of the canyon opens.  There are two entrance to Panorama park via main entrance and  entrance of Japanese tunnels (Lobang Jepang).

Japanese tunnels (Lobang Jepang)

Japanese tunnels  is one of the historical tourism objects of Bukittinggi. The Japanese pit is a protective bunker built by the Japanese occupation army around 1942 for defense purposes.

Great Wall of Kota Gadang (Tembok Cina)

Great Wall of Kota Gadang is a minimalist version of The Great Wall of China which connects Bukittinggi and Koto Gadang village. Its length is about one kilometer and has connects two entrances. Walking there you can  capture the beautiful scenery.

Fort de Kock, Limpapeh Bridge, Zoo

Fort de Kock is a Dutch fortress that stands in Bukittinggi, now it is a park which is connected by the Limpapeh Bridge with Zoo.

Bung Hatta Museum

Mohammad Hatta, the first vice prezident of Republic Indonesia, was born in Bukittinggi. His house is on Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 37, Bukittinggi. This building is still durable and preserved as a museum that is visited by tourists.

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