West Sumatra Cuisine

As a rule, travelers, plowing the vast expanses of the planet, not only set themselves the goal of visiting as many countries as possible and putting a tick on the map of the social network’s travels, broadening their horizons or refreshing their heads, but also try the local cuisine that you won’t guess. In this post  will be told as fully as possible about the cuisine of Western Sumatra and slightly systematize the dishes.

The cuisine of Western Sumatra is primarily the famous Padang Food.  It is spicy and delicious, full of chili, lemon grass, celery, ginger, garlic and coriander. Unlike food from Java, it is more salty than sweet Minangkabau or Padang people adore Padang Food and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But still there is a division into morning, afternoon and evening meals, but anyway  it will be separately highlight the section with breakfast, lunch. dinner, sweet dishes and drinks.

You can also come across names such as “Masakan Padang”, “Ampera”. In the Padang Food restaurants, they bring you all possible dishes on separate plates plus rice and glass drinking boiled water, you pay only for what is eaten. At Ampera (homemade food) restaurants, visitors usually tell what they would like and after that an order is brought.

Most dishes are spicy, fried and well done. You should not be afraid that you will get an upset stomach.

West Sumatra Breakfast

West Sumatra Lunch

West Sumatra Dinner

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