Traditional dance of the greeting ceremony Pasambahan, West Sumatra

Pasambahan dance is one of the traditional dance arts of Minangkabau. This dance is usually performed at the welcoming ceremony, as a sign of respect for the guest of honor who has arrived. Today, the Pasambah dance is performed not only at the ceremony of receiving honored guests and at wedding ceremonies when the groom arrives at the bride’s house, but also in stage performances as one of the folk dances of the minagkabau. The dance symbolizes the honesty and sincere intention of the host.

Pasambahan dance is performed by a group of people. Male performers are dressed in traditional martial arts clothing silat, and women in traditional festive clothing of Minangkabau. The opening dance is performed by men, which imitate the movements of the silat. Then several dancers enter, the main roles of which belong to three girls presenting the guests with betel leaves in a special basket as a treat. The dance is accompanied by traditional music and greeting words.

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