Cow Race

Pacu Jawi (from Minangkabau, “cow race”) is a traditional Cow Race in Tanah Datar, West Sumatra. Pacu Jawi in Tanah Datar is different from the cow race in Madura. If the Cow Race in Madura takes place on dry, flat land, Pacu Jawi Tanah Datar takes place on wet and muddy wetlands.

You can combine Cow Race with Minangkabau TourCow Race is usually arranged on Saturdays.

The rules of the game in Pacu Jawi are not about speed, but two cows that are able to run straight at the same time. This is in accordance with the philosophy of the local community who believe that leaders and people are able to walk together. In addition, Pacu Jawi cattle racing does not have sparring opponents like others competitions. The reason is to avoid betting that often occurs in any form of competition or match. For the jockey, besides having to be adept at standing on the plow blade when pulled by the two cows, biting the tail of the cow is one technique to control the cows to run faster.

The expressions of the jockeys and the cows while racing in the muddy ground formed a mud tinge in the background section that is able to create interesting compositions to be photographed. The entertainment tradition of Pacu Jawi or Cow Race is a cultural product of an agrarian society that takes place almost every Saturday.


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