Giant and Rare Flowers in Sumatra

Rafflesi Arnoldi

Sumatra is popular for their rare giant flowers such as Rafflesia Arnoldi and Amorphophallus Titanum.

Rafflesia Arnoldi is one of the rare and giant flowers which can be found near Bukittinggi in the village Batang Palupuh. Rafflesia blooms all year round, how big the flower is depends of weather conditions. If weather is rainy flower is bigger than normal. Rafflesia common called the Corp Lily because has an unpleasant odour. The flower of Rafflesia grows to a diameter of around 1 meter and weights up to 11 kilograms. Ask about Rafflesia when you arrive to Bukittinggi.

Amorphophallus Titanum

Another giant flower which can be also found in West Sumatra is Titanum or common known as Corps Flower, local call it Bunga Bangkai, because of its specific aroma which is reminds of dead animals smell. The Titanum inflorescence can reach over 3 meters in height. It can live over about 40 years but for such a long period it blooms no more then 3-4 times. Therefore, too find it flowering and especially in natural conditions is a great success. Nearby Bukittinggi there is a small village where Titanum can be found in natural conditions. Usually it blooms in February, so if you are lucky and come to Bukittinggi on February ask about Titanum.