One Day Harrau Valley Tour

Harrau Valley is the nature reserve and National Park with its 315 square kilometers granite walls surrounding the valley. Before starting the tour we visit Gulai Bancah which is the office of Bukittinggi’s mayor that is situated on the top of the hill and has a Minangkabau architecture roof. We will walk to backside of the building to see a panoramic view of Bukittinggi.

You can combine Harrau Valley Tour with short Rafflesia Flower Trek. Rafflesia Trek extra cost.

On the way to the valley we have several stops in the villages, such as Sanjai village where the local people produce a type of chips from the cassava root.

Kapau is a small village that is surrounded by rice fields and traditional Minangkabau houses.

Piladang is a village with iron smith. For lunch we stop in the city Payakumbuh.

Lunch will be served in traditional Padang food style.

Arriving to Harrau Valley we have short trek to the waterfalls. While walking we will have chance to see butterflies, monkeys, black gibbons. We will also drive around to see significant view of the valley.

Price: 30$ per person, min. 2 persons

Price included:

  • Local Lunch
  • Entrance Tickets
  • Drinking water
  • Car Toyota Avansa A/C


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