One day Minangkabau Cultural Tour

Minangkabau Tour rout laid on the feet of mountain Merapi. According to legend Minangkabau people descended from it. You have chance to learn the culture of Minangkabau, the only culture in the world that combines matriarchy, Islam, Hinduism and animism traditions. You will visit the most interesting and significant places.
Baso village is famous for its variety of plantations producing fruits, vegetables, chili, coffee, cloves, cinnamon and etc. Place Tabek Patah where local people making coffee and some others local snacks and where you can enjoying drinking traditional Minangkabau coffee.

You can combine Minangkabau Tour with Cow Race Event (Cow Race is usually arranged on Saturdays) or with short Rafflesia Flower Trek. Cow Race Event and Rafflesia Trek extra cost.

Batusangkar is the place where situated King’s Palace is the main attraction of the tour. There you can see traditional architecture roof and wall from the wood carving as well as try on traditional festive Minangkabau garments and accessories.

We stop for lunch in one of the traditional restaurant (warung) to try local dishes served in Padang food style.

You also will visit some old traditional houses with their original architecture in Balimbing.

Following the road to the Lake Singkarak you enjoy scenery of a view from Kubang Top (Puncak Kubang). On the Lake Singkarak having a break and some coffee.

And at last we will finish up with tour of Pandai Sikek village well known for home industry such as wood carving and hand weaving inspired by Minangkabau design.

Price: 35$ per person, min. 2 persons

Price included:

  • Local Lunch
  • Entrance Tickets
  • Drinking water
  • Car Toyota Avansa A/C


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