Rafflesia Flower Trek

Sumatra is popular for their rare giant flowers such as Rafflesia Arnoldi. Rafflesia Arnoldi is one which can be found near Bukittinggi in the village Batang Palupuh. Rafflesia blooms all year round, how big the flower is depends of weather conditions. In rain season flower is bigger.

Before we go trek, should ask to rangers Rafflesia is blooming or not.

We start driving from Bukittinggi to the village Batang Palupuh, where we will walk through the jungle one or two hours to the place of Rafflesia blooming. You can capture spectacular pictures of rice fields, jungles and, of cause Rafflesia.

After trekking you can try and buy Coffee Luwak. Luwak means “Civet cat”, so Coffee Luwak is Coffee from Civet cat. It is discovered that the civet cat would eat coffee cherries and pass the seeds—the coffee beans—without digesting them. Upon brewing coffee made from these beans, they the taste of coffee much better than the conventional coffee of the time.

After spending time in Luwak place we drive back to Bukittinggi.

Price: 10$ per person


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